Barcode reflection on a sunny day, Oslo


This photo, taken on February 23rd 2017 in Oslo, is the result of several random factors and conditions occuring simultaneously that day. The Bjørvika area, situated between Gamlebyen and Akershus Fortress, is in constant and quick development to become soon the new cultural center of Oslo. The sun is shining over the “Barcode” and the light is in a perfect position to highlight the geometric shapes of the glass and steel buildings. Also the colour of the sky is more intense than usual. In addition, the temperature has risen a few degrees above zero which caused the ice to melt on the Akerselva River passing through this area. With the presence of ice the reflection of the buildings would not have been so clear and visible. The mural has been painted by Gilles & Cecilie Studio. I took this picture with a Nikon D750 and a 35mm lens.


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